This Week at South Vol. 34

It’s Graduation Week:

I want to start by congratulating all of our South High School Class of 2020 Graduates! We’re not ending this year in a way any of us would have expected or wanted. I, like many of you, had envisioned participating in all of the spring events, and finally, in graduation. I won’t recreate what I think this means for your futures. However, I will include a brief quote and a small portion of my introductory remarks from the short form graduation video, which seem to capture the moment in which we are living.

Let your virtues expand to fill this sad situation;

Glory ascends the heights by a precipitous path.

The road to valor is built by adversity. 


Glory lies in taking your newfound strengths and using them to make a dent in the universe as you travel the path ahead. We’re all cheering you on. 

Congratulations to the South High School Class of 2020. I am proud to be your Principal, and wish each of you a healthy, happy, and productive future, and hope you will come back and visit us when it is possible.

Commemorative graduation box pick up. This week we will welcome Seniors and their families to graduation box pick up. Here are a few reminders about the pick up process:

  1. Please arrive at South in the front circle at your appointment time to pick up your graduation box, yard sign, and other items. We will have a table set up and items will be staged based on appointment times. All staff will be wearing PPE. All visitors are asked to wear a cloth mask when receiving their box.
  2. Once you have received your box, pull out of the front circle and into the lower lot where you will be directed toward E Hall. Our backdrop will be set up for pictures. Pictures should be taken with household members only to maintain social distance.
  3. After taking pictures, return to your vehicle and exit the lower lot in a counterclockwise fashion.
  4. Here is a a map, which summarizes the process above:

Graduation Media (Short Form, Senior Slide Show & Honor Graduates):

Short Form Graduation Video:

Class of 2020 Senior Slide Show:

Honor Graduates Recognition (Parts I-IV)

Part I: Introductory Comments, National Anthem, Seals of Biliteracy & Abdalla – Concepcion

Part II: Coomer to Kramer

Part III: Laganson to Riedman

Part IV: Robinson to Yarger & Closing Comments by Ms. Mounds-Craft

Finally, Thank You…

As a parting thought to this last newsletter, I want to say thank you to the South community, parents, teachers, students, and everyone else who has spent time making a positive impact on the lives and futures of our young people. This year started with a tidal wave of achievements, and is ending in uncertainty. Despite what fate has dealt us, I’m already looking forward to getting started next year.

For those of you continuing at South next year, keep an eye on this space for brief updates over the new few weeks, and This Week at South Volume 1.2 as we begin next school year.

Farewell, for now.

Have a great final week South!

2 thoughts on “This Week at South Vol. 34

  1. My daughter Julia Foster didn’t get recognition in the Graduation slideshow.

    She is planning to attend University of Northern Colorado and major in elementary education.
    She would like to thank her family, friends, and teachers for helping her throughout high school.

    Thank you, hopefully someone will actually read this. It ruined her graduation with her not being included.


    • In order to qualify for Honor Graduate status and be included in the ceremony, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher at the end of the fall semester of their senior year. Please check her cumulative GPA to see where it falls in relationship to this guideline.


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