This Week at South Vol. 32

This Week is Belongings Pick Up:

Please see the two posts below for details on times, locations, and items, which will be available. Please bring items you need to return to the school. We will be collecting those curbside as we return your personal belongings. We will start Monday with E Hall, and conclude on Thursday with H Hall. Times are between 8 am and 2 pm. Yearbooks will be available to all students who ordered one at the main gym entrance.

  1. Full belongings pick up plan:
  2. ROTC/Music, Theater, Art/Yearbook Details:

Graduation Box and Photo Details (Week of May 18th):

Throughout the week of May 18th, we will be inviting seniors to come to South to pick up their graduation boxes, yard signs, and an additional gifts. We encourage students to wear their caps and gowns. Below is a brief description of the process starting with scheduling an appointment:

Graduation Box Pick up and Booking:

*Please note: boxes will only be distributed to students who are Primary enrolled at South High School. Due to the number of boxes needed for graduations across the district, there are not enough supplies to hand out more than one box per graduate. Therefore, students and families are asked to pick up their graduation box from the school at which they are primary enrolled and from which they will receive their diploma. However, if you have a single-course enrollment or are part-time enrolled at South, you can still make an appointment at the link below and take pictures using our backdrops.

The Process:

  1. Use the following link to book a time to pick up your box:
  2. Arrive and pull into the front circle to pick up your box and other items. Please wear a mask when you are interacting with the staffers who will be handing out boxes.
  3. After picking up your box, exit the front circle and enter the the student parking lot. Stay right toward E Hall. This is where the photo stations will be located. We will have staff along the curbside to welcome and direct you toward the photo station.
  4. When your car is first in line and when the photo station is free, exit your vehicle to take pictures at the photo backdrops. At this point it is fine to remove cloth masks.
  5. When finished taking photos, re-enter your car, pull forward and exit the student lot in a counter clockwise, one way fashion.
  6. A map reflecting all of the above directions is located here:

Other Graduation Related Items:

Needed Information: If you have not done so already, please provide us with your Senior Slide Information for the long form graduation video by Wednesday May 6th, and your Senior Fun Day Shirt Size by Friday May 8th, .

Short Form Video & Radio: Please see the media and radio schedule for South’s Graduation Video and iHeart Radio’s South Recognition Day: The first viewing of our Graduation Video will be on May 15th at 6:00 pm on KTVA. This will include a brief message from me, the Valedictory Speech, as well as a speech by the Senior Class President. It will also include a slide show that displays all of our graduates.

Long Form Video: The long form video will be published on ASD’s Youtube Account after the school year has concluded. This video will include the short form video described above as well as a Student and Staff Speaker who were chosen by the Senior class, a musical performance, and a traditional roll call which each student’s information on a single slide. When I have a definitive date when this will be made available, I will promptly send it.

4 thoughts on “This Week at South Vol. 32

  1. I know this has been a very difficult time and there is no way that you or anyone was going to make everyone happy and keep them safe but I do appreciate the regular updates and excellent exchange of information. My daughter is disappointed and nothing can be done about that but at least we knew what was coming and what was not coming. I appreciate the hard work you and your staff did. I am very pleased that you were the principal during this difficult time. Good luck in the future


  2. For the senior graduation box pickup times, I’m not going to be able to make any of those times because of my work schedule. Is there a way I can pick it up at another time or should I just send someone to come and pick it up for me?


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