Friday Updates:

Student Belongings Pick-Up Updates for Next Week

Good afternoon. There have been a few additions to the belongings pick up scheduled for next Monday through Thursday, May 4th through 7th. We will still follow the hallway schedule and locations in my previous post, which you can review here:

In addition to the details in that post, we will also have the following items available, at the following locations.

*Please come to pick up/return the items below on the same day on which you are scheduled to pick up your locker contents: (E Hall Monday, F Hall Tuesday, G Hall Wednesday, H Hall Thursday).

  1. JROTC will be collecting uniforms outside Lower B hall, curbside in the Staff Lot
  2. Theater/Music/Art will be distributing items outside Lower C hall, curbside in the Staff Lot
  3. Yearbooks all students who ordered a book earlier in the year can pick up their book outside of the main gym entrance, curbside in the bus lane.

Graduation Commemorative Box Pick Up Details & Media Schedule:

Monday, May 18th through Thursday, May 21st, we will be handing out the graduation commemorative boxes at South High School.

Monday’s newsletter will include specific directions, including how to sign up for a time slot to pick up your boxes, and how the process will work once you arrive. Stay tuned.

For now, here is the radio and TV schedule outlining when each ASD Class of 2020 will be recognized on iHeart Radio Stations as well as local TV Outlets. South’s short form video will air on KTVA on May 15th at 6 pm and repeat on May 18th at 5 am. It will also air on KYES on May 17th at 10:30 PM. Our Senior Spotlights on iHeart Radio Stations will air on May 27th. The stations included are at the bottom of the linked document.

Semester Grades & Summer Options for Learning:

This afternoon, Dr. Bishop shared information about how teachers will assign grades for the semester in high school courses, and what options students have for the summer extension and summer school based on their semester grades. The portion of her email that addressed this issue is quoted directly below:

Today, I have asked high school teachers to ensure that no student who continues to engage with his or her online work through the end of the year on May 21 will earn less than the grade he or she earned at the end of the third quarter. Students can still improve their overall semester grade, but they do not have to worry about their grade dropping below whatever mark they earned prior to spring break, provided they continue to be engaged in their online coursework through the end of the school year. I believe this is a fair way to recognize students’ on-going efforts, maintain academic standards in our high school courses, and acknowledge the challenging circumstances many students face with independent learning at home.  

Dr. Bishop’s Email from 5/1/20

There are four primary parts to this grading policy and summer school. They are as follows:

  1. If a student has logged into their classes weekly during fourth quarter and completed assignments, they will either be assigned their 3rd Quarter grade or their semester grade, whichever is higher.
  2. If a student had a passing grade at the end of 3rd Quarter and did not log into their online course or did not make progress after May 1st, they will be assigned their semester grade.
  3. Only students who receive Fs in their courses for the semester will be eligible for the summer extension. Teachers will be filling out forms to identify these students.
  4. Students who pass their semester courses, but wish to retake a course to improve their grade may do so this summer on iSchool at no cost.

Please see Dr. Bishop’s full email for more details.

Stay safe, have a good weekend, and keep an eye on this space for graduation box pick up plans on Monday.

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