This Week at South Vol. 30

Parent CANVAS Observer Account Set Up:

We encourage all parents to set up a CANVAS observer account so they can help monitor their student’s progress. For instructions on how to do so, please visit the follow link:

Personal Belongings:

This week small teams of staff are working to clean out lockers, and gather students’ belongings to prepare for pick up. We will use this week and next week to collect and organize items as well as to plan the logistics for pick up. You can expect a detailed plan with much more information next week after we have had the opportunity to organize and prepare.

Additionally, when pick up occurs, we would also like to collect any textbooks or items that belong to the school. You can bring these items with you during your assigned window of time, and drop them off. Again, more details will be forthcoming next week once we have a more detailed plan in place.


Seniors and their parents can expect communication from the district-level about graduation in the next few days. What is certain is that all seniors will have until May 20th, the final day of school for all students, to complete their coursework and credits. The Superintendent’s brief message about graduation can be read at the following ASD Page:

Yearbooks are Sold Out!:

If you purchased a yearbook this year, please stay tuned for details in early May for how to receive your book.

Part II: The Ends and The Means

There are goals and ideal outcomes on which we all probably agree. We want to continue to learn, and to make sure we maintain overall health despite social distance. Furthermore, we hope to view this pandemic as a test and an opportunity, and one from which we will all emerge stronger, and with newfound knowledge and abilities. These are our ends.

However, the means by which we achieve those ends are different, and in some cases, changing on a daily basis as new challenges arise.

I ran across the following passage about Einstein’s work on the Theory of Relativity and it reminded me a lot of the circumstances we are currently facing. The idea that we need to be doggedly persistent and willing to change course to attain an agreed upon outcome seems to connect Einstein’s scientific pursuit and our own pursuit of learning and wellness:

He’d always chosen to pursue fundamental problems to which there were no clear answers. He was accustomed to changing course along the way in pursuit of those answers. But he didn’t change his essential goal. This mix of dogged persistence with respect to ends and openness to compromise with respect to the means is a large part of what helped Einstein arrive at the general theory of relativity. (p. 121)

from McChrystal (2018) Leaders: Myth and Reality

This short passage also prompts me to reflect on all the adaptation and learning both educators and families have had to undergo in the last month. I am grateful to be a part of a school-based team who on one hand has embraced the essential goal of learning, while on the other hand exploring new ways in which to teach and communicate.

Likewise, I appreciate our community’s patience as we discover novel means to attain our common ends. Although there is still a lot of uncertainty, I take solace in knowing that if we continue to work together, we’ll still go far. Which leads me to a final thought,

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


I hope everyone is well.

Have a great week South!

4 thoughts on “This Week at South Vol. 30

  1. In retrospect the decision by the leadership of ASD to close the schools will have major unintended negative consequences on the children in the district. The effect of these decisions will linger for many years.


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