March 27th Updates

Happy Friday Everyone!

School Re-Start on Tuesday, March 31st:

We are looking forward to re-engaging with our students and to begin the teaching and learning process again. Although it will be very different than in-person classes, and the times won’t always necessarily be the same, we encourage all students to take full advantage of teachers’ office hours and tutorial sessions in order to track with content as well as to connect with peers with whom they have not been able to check in for a while. Core classes and King Tech classes will start on March 31st, and electives will be re-launched on April 13th.

A Few Notes on CANVAS: Content will be pre-loaded in each class, and students can move at their own pace. There are deadlines for assignments, and teachers will be tracking who has completed work on time, and who has missed deadlines. In most cases, teachers will enter a zero when an assignment date has passed so that students and parents understand the overall impact on students’ grades. However, students will be able to turn in work past the posted deadline for full credit.

Senior Scholarship Opportunities:

Please see the table below for two scholarship opportunities for seniors.

Bo Seward ScholarshipThe PTSO is still offering the Bo Seward Scholarship this year.  The award will be given to a graduating senior who has shown exemplary community service over the last four years of high school. Details can be found (link below) and you can email questions to:
$2000 will be awarded to the recipient and an additional $500 to the recipient’s charity of choice.  Applications are due on or before May 1, 2020
Why WaytThe purpose of this scholarship is to provide $1,000 to a worthy recipient to support the use of their talents or passions to help others around them. The forms for the scholarship are available at the link below. Please email completed documents to by Friday, April 24th:
Documents: Application & Teacher Reference

A Final Note:

I want to thank the staff at South High School as well as the larger South community for pulling together amidst the ongoing challenges we’re facing. Teamwork, generosity, tolerance, and genuine hard work have been the common denominator this week.

We hope you will tune into the Den on Tuesday when we host Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. You can access the show at, and let us know what you have questions about on

Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “March 27th Updates

  1. THank you so much for what you are doing!! I didn’t see a time to pick up electronics Monday? Will it be posted somewhere else?


    • Pick up is by appointment, and appointments are being made based on the information that was gathered by third period teachers when they made calls based on their third period students last week.


      • My situation has changed since the phone call made last week. We could use some electronic support now due to current circumstances. How do I get our status updated in order to get the support?


      • Email me your student’s first and last name and ID number and needs and if we have the resources, I can add to the list and I’ll get back to you with a time, if we do.


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