March 26th Update

Live From the Den, Archived Show:

We would like to thank School Board President, Starr Marsett, for joining us on today’s show, and we look forward to hosting Mayor Ethan Berkowitz on next Tuesday’s show. You can access the archived show at, and as always, submit your ongoing questions at

Technology Distribution to Occur Monday, March 30th:

The plan for technology distribution has changed, but will still happen next Monday. Parents and students will be asked to arrive at the school, stay in their vehicle, and have their technology delivered at the curbside. Calls to set appointments will start tomorrow.

District-Level Communication on Academic Plan Forthcoming

You can expect to hear from the Superintendent, and from Secondary Education in the next few days with an overview of the academic plan. I will deliver the correspondence from Secondary along with any specific updates specifically pertaining to South students as early as tomorrow afternoon; so, please keep an eye on email and on this space.

Future Updates and Contact Information:

In an attempt to save space and bulk in your email inboxes, I will send links to this space for the remainder of this week, and through next Tuesday when class resumes. After that point, I will return to the normal format of my newsletters, which will be posted here and archived, as well as being delivered to email inboxes and cell phones.

On that note, our clerical team has been working hard to enter new contact information. So, as updates are sent and teachers begin communicating with students, please make sure to monitor your addresses, and provide us with any updated information in the following LINK.

Another Word on the Need for a Routine

Beginning next Tuesday students will re-engage with school, but it will look very different, and in all likelihood challenge them in brand new ways. This will include the need to independently structure their time, and to prioritize which classes to work on and at what time of day. Although there will be a schedule for students to check in with teachers each day of the week, it will not look like a typical class period. Some degree of structure will be needed to succeed in this environment.

The silver lining may be that students become more independent learners, and start to reflect on their progress more often. I’ll end with another excerpt from Stillness is the Key, in which the author paraphrases William James on the power of routine to reduce chaos:

The psychologist William James spoke about making habits our ally instead of our enemy. That we can build around us a day and a life that is moral and ordered and still–and in so doing, create a kind of bulwark against the chaos of the world and free up ourselves for the work we do.

Holiday, p. 204

As always, Stay Safe, Stay Strong, Stay South!

4 thoughts on “March 26th Update

  1. Hi Dr Almon! Wanted to thank you for all the info & updates! Very much appreciated! As far as calling to make appts to meet at curbside, I’m assuming we call the 742-6200 number?


  2. Dr Almon, I have two oldish iMacs that I’ve re-formated and are ready to go if anyone in in ASD needs them. I’ve already reached out to offer to donate them Romig students, but haven’t’ heard anything recently.


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